Last Supper | Entry #10

Unfortunately we are approaching the end of our social media project The Restaurant Round. For the final post I would try and give my overall favourites and the one I liked the least!
It has been such fun experiencing all of the different restaurants that Leicester has to offer.

1. My Favourite place was definitely Cromwell Cottage. The whole look of the pub combined with the great, fresh food was the clear winner for me; I have been back so many times since, even with my family. (it is that good!)


2. My second favourite place goes to Carluccios the atmosphere inside the restaurant and the friendliness of the staff were second to none. Also the food was very good as well, definitely the best Italian we tried! The prices were also quite student friendly, even if there wasn’t an awful lot of choice on the menu.

3. Third place goes to Wagamamas, the food was amazing (I am a particular fan of Japanese!). Another reason I chose wagamamas is because we were made to feel welcome straightaway, which is not always commonIMG_0178 place for students in restaurants. Furthermore the food was very reasonably priced and I feel like you could eat there at anytime of the day!

I didn’t have a least favourite because I actually enjoyed all of the places we went to. One criticism would go to TGI Fridays, just because it was a little more expensive than Wagamamas but the quality of food was definitely not on the same level. We still managed to have a great time though!


Thank you for following us on our journey! Whether you just read now and again or have been following us from the start.

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Until next time, peace!