Carluccios | Entry #9

Here we are again, as I promised we are back to normal this week! We actually all had free hour or so at the same time this week (I know, miracles DO happen!) We have just had our last Fundamentals lecture and it is a relief to finally have one module of the four out of the way. To celebrate we went to Carluccio’s in Leicester (I know Italian again!) Carluccio’s is in the centre of high cross outside.

Meatball Pasta
Meatball Pasta

When you get inside Carluccio’s it is immediately clear that everything is freshly prepared because a lot of the ingredients are on show and are available to purchase! It all looked so lovely. The atmosphere was great and the staff were so welcoming, they made us feel completely at home. Although there were some funny looks when we all got out our camera’s to start taking pictures of the food, this wouldn’t stop me going again.IMG_7861

I ordered tagliatelle with meatballs and it was delicious! The food tasted so fresh! I was feeling extravagant so I went ahead and ordered a desert which was a chocolate torte which was served with raspberry jus, it was delicious and totally worth the money. In total it came to ¬£26 but that did include a drink. I didn’t think this was to bad considering how good the food was and it is just about within the student budget especially when you take off the desert.

Carluccio’s is such a lovely restaurant and I will definitely be returning both to eat and to buy ingredients!

IMG_3008This is how we rated our overall experience! (rated out of 5!)

Affordability: 3
Food: 5
Atmosphere: 5
Service: 5

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Until next time, peace!