Keeping up The Restaurant Rounds | Entry #7

Setting time aside for our Social Media & Technology project has been more difficult than we first anticipated. Hopefully some of you, especially students, will be able to relate to this! Finding time when we are all free to meet up has been one of the trickiest aspects of the project by far with different commitments being the main reason stopping us from meeting up. When you are grouped with people that are on the same course, who have the same deadlines and lecture times, finding free time between you all is even more difficult. It definitely makes it hard!

The aim of The Restaurant Rounds was to go to different restaurants in and around Leicester every week. Finding time to meet up with the group though has been a massive challenge, especially for myself as I have been working so much recently! Other members of the group also had commitments, as well as being ill (this made it so difficult) and we all had stuff that unfortunately was a little bit more important than The Restaurant Rounds

The only time when we are all free consistently is when we all attend the Social Media Lab session, as we are all in the group. Although we have a group chat on Facebook, that I must say is very useful for arranging different activities. Even though we haven’t managed to meet up consistently, we are still trying our best!

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Until next time, peace!