Fig and Olive | Entry #6

I know I said that we were going to be doing a more student friendly restaurant next, but I just got back from a break in New York and I wanted to share my experiences of eating out across the pond! The experience of food just in general is completely different in NY, the total amount of restaurants makes it so hard to even choose where to go. We (my mum, sister and I,) were stuck one night with where to go, so we decided to go and ask our personal concierge. It turned out he had lived in New York all his life, after a brief chat he had pointed us to one of his favourite restaurants. We felt obliged to go and try it; we are so glad we did because I do not think I have ever eaten anything as good as what I had that night.


The restaurant was called The Fig and Olive, the cuisine on offer was mediterranean which I had never had much of before. Located on Fifth Avenue the outside is very well decorated, and once you get inside this only gets better. Unfortunately I only took pictures of the food but I have managed to find some picture of the actual building and the decor.

For starter we had freshly made crostini, you can see these being made downstairs and it’s amazing to watch! For the main course I had Beef Filet Mignon. This was served with three different kinds of beans and creamy mashed potato as well as an olive oil bĂ©arnaise sauce to accompany the beef. Finally for desert I had the chocolate pot which was absolutely delicious!


The atmosphere inside the restaurant was lovely! Our server was so welcoming and helpful, instantly recognising that we were form England. Although the restaurant was quite busy it felt like everyone that served us made extra time to just give that extra special feeling. All in all the night was highly enjoyable and we ended up going back a further two times (it really was that good!)

I am not going to rate this one as it was with my family and way out of a student budget unfortunately! Also they only have restaurants in America which is quite sad!

283B3226-79DF-44E4-8F32-2D5A1ED0793FBe sure to let me know if you have been on holiday and found a restaurant that you wished you had back home. Check out the Fig and Olive here

Anyway, normal restaurant blogs will resume once I’m back at uni. Until next time, peace!

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